Open Channels

Open Channels contain teaching, learning, and research videos intended to be freely used by everyone.

Vorlesung Bewegung und Sport 1

15 September, 12 videos, Open Channel

Lausanne Time Machine

12 October 2020, 31 videos, Open Channel

Vidéos de présentation et de promotion du projet Lausanne Time Machine


29 November 2021, 3 videos, Open Channel

Zulassungsbedingung 2, Gschwind Yannick, TZ19a

29 November, 1 video, Open Channel

Bino1 Praxis

24 October, 6 videos, Open Channel

Scambi interdipartimentali

31 October, 3 videos, Open Channel


14 October 2020, 108 videos, Open Channel

Heimsch Chanel for Learning Videos

FHNW PH Schulungen Recherche und Zotero

29 September 2020, 13 videos, Open Channel


29 November, 2 videos, Open Channel


2 September 2020, 24 videos, Open Channel

The video channel  for ART FUNDAMENTS, BA1, architecture, ENAC, EPFL. Art Fundaments opens an experimental field to complete the holistic approach to education in the first year of architecture. The students discover creativity, precise observation, passions, independence, sensitivity and...

EE-550 Image and video processing

20 September, 11 videos, Open Channel

Recorded video for the course EE-550: Image and video processing

CS-438 Decentralized Systems Engineering

26 August 2020, 8 videos, Open Channel

Lectures in Fall 2022

MGT 408 - Transitions and technology policy

8 September, 16 videos, Open Channel

Cours de master - MTE


27 November, 1 video, Open Channel

Videos Digital Construction

21 November, 7 videos, Open Channel

BA300 Erfolgreich studieren - kompetenzorientiert lernen

10 August 2014, 26 videos, Open Channel

Hochschule für Soziale Arbeit FHNWZeige diesen Video-Kanal in empfohlener Sortierung

CS-234 Technologies for Democratic Society

13 September, 9 videos, Open Channel

Lectures in Fall 2022


24 November, 1 video, Open Channel


PHYS-512 Statistical physics of computation

22 September, 20 videos, Open Channel

This course covers the statistical physics approach to computer science problems ranging from graph theory and constraint satisfaction to inference and machine learning. In particular the replica and cavity methods, message passings algorithms, and analysis of the related phase transitions. 

COM-516 Markov Chains and Algorithmic Applications

27 July 2020, 40 videos, Open Channel

Videos prepared for the course with the same name (taught by Nicolas Macris and Olivier Lévêque to master students in computer and communication sciences at EPFL).Here is the link towards the Moodle page of the course.

Physique Générale

23 August 2021, 64 videos, Open Channel

Physique Générale

MOOC - Neuroscience Reconstructed

13 October 2021, 42 videos, Open Channel

F2 - Inégalités et rapports sociaux - Ester Poma Theler

4 November, 11 videos, Open Channel

WING 2022/2023

21 September, 10 videos, Open Channel

AR-597(a) Superstudio A - Fall 2022

24 August, 9 videos, Open Channel

Superstudio is a prospective and collective studio that examines the possibilities of imagination and realization of latent futures. Through its title Latent Futures, Superstudio intends to explore visions and attitudes capable of seriously confronting the present environmental condition....

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