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Digital Humanities at EPFL

11 September 2018, 59 videos, Open Channel

The Digital Humanities Institute and Section foster research and offer strong programs in the growing fields of Digital Humanities. Unité responsable: DHI

Cours Euler

25 January 2023, 8 videos, Open Channel

Cours Euler

ENAC Faculty

14 June 2021, 9 videos, Open Channel

Canal vidéo de la faculté ENAC


24 September 2019, 45 videos, Open Channel

En tant qu’université technique reconnue dans le monde entier, l’EPFL doit proposer des méthodes d’enseignement novatrices afin que ses étudiantes et étudiants puissent relever les défis de demain dans les meilleures conditions.L'initiative MAKE, incarnée par le Discovery Learning Program (DLP),...


1 February 2023, 1 video

Vidéos de communication de la VPO

MOOC - Neuroscience Reconstructed

13 October 2021, 59 videos, Open Channel

CS-456 Artificial Neural Networks

15 April 2020, 95 videos, Open Channel

Class on Artificial Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning designed for EPFL master students in CS and related disciplines.

TempAqua Project - WR LAB

7 December 2022, 1 video, Open Channel

Videos about our ongoing research in WR-LABMore information on www.epfl.ch/labs/wr-lab/

Discovery Learning Videos

15 September 2020, 24 videos, Open Channel

Discovery Learning Videos

Advanced statistical physics

1 October 2021, 31 videos, Open Channel

Advanced statistical physics

Centre Propédeutique (CePro)

27 August 2021, 22 videos

Ce canal est dédié à la correction de certains exercices du Warm-up MOOC de L'EPFL

CEDE (Center for Digital Education)

23 January 2020, 63 videos, Open Channel

CEDE (Center for Digital Education)

BIO-450 Molecular endocrinology: projects 2022/2023

23 December 2022, 5 videos, Open Channel

Projects produced by the molecular endocrinology students in the fall semester of 2022

MGT 408 - Transitions and technology policy

8 September 2022, 19 videos, Open Channel

Cours de master - MTE

CS-234 Technologies for Democratic Society

13 September 2022, 12 videos, Open Channel

Lectures in Fall 2022

PHYS-512 Statistical physics of computation

22 September 2022, 28 videos, Open Channel

This course covers the statistical physics approach to computer science problems ranging from graph theory and constraint satisfaction to inference and machine learning. In particular the replica and cavity methods, message passings algorithms, and analysis of the related phase transitions. 

EPFL School of Basic Sciences

22 May 2019, 10 videos, Open Channel

Video channel for the School of Basic Sciences - managed by the FSB Deanship team


21 December 2021, 3 videos

Poster les vidéos en lien avec notre service sur notre site web

EE-550 Image and video processing

20 September 2022, 12 videos, Open Channel

Recorded video for the course EE-550: Image and video processing

MATH-351 Advanced numerical analysis - Fall 2022

27 September 2022, 15 videos

The student will learn state-of-the-art algorithms for solving differential equations. The analysis and implementation of these algorithms will be discussed in some detail. 

AR-597(a) Superstudio A - Fall 2022

24 August 2022, 38 videos, Open Channel

Superstudio is a prospective and collective studio that examines the possibilities of imagination and realization of latent futures. Through its title Latent Futures, Superstudio intends to explore visions and attitudes capable of seriously confronting the present environmental condition....

CS-438 Decentralized Systems Engineering

26 August 2020, 10 videos, Open Channel

Lectures in Fall 2022

Information, Calcul, Communication (ICC-T)

13 July 2020, 35 videos

Ces vidéos ont été réalisées dans les studios du Centre pour l'Education Digitale (CEDE) de l'EPFL. Elles ont pour but d'accompagner la partie théorique du cours ICC.Introduction de Martin RajmanPréparation et relecture des slides: Valérie Costa, Loïs Bilat, Walid Ben NaceurIllustrations: Olivier...

COM-516 Markov Chains and Algorithmic Applications

27 July 2020, 45 videos, Open Channel

Videos prepared for the course with the same name (taught by Nicolas Macris and Olivier Lévêque to master students in computer and communication sciences at EPFL).Here is the link towards the Moodle page of the course.

CS-411 Digital Education - Fall 2022

14 September 2022, 15 videos

Fall Semester 2022

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