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EE-517 Bio-nano-chip design

14 September 2021, 26 videos, Open Channel

MS course about heterogeneous integration for Nano-Bio-CMOS biosensors on Chip. Understanding and designing of active Bio/CMOS interfaces powered by nanostructures


2 September 2020, 25 videos, Open Channel

The video channel  for ART FUNDAMENTS, BA1, architecture, ENAC, EPFL. Art Fundaments opens an experimental field to complete the holistic approach to education in the first year of architecture. The students discover creativity, precise observation, passions, independence, sensitivity and...

EPFL-EDIC - Computer & Communication Sciences - PhD Program

7 July 2020, 28 videos, Open Channel

EPFL-EDIC - Computer & Communication Sciences - PhD Program 

MOOC TDR - Research and Training in Tropical Diseases

18 November 2021, 36 videos, Open Channel

Lausanne Time Machine

12 October 2020, 31 videos, Open Channel

Vidéos de présentation et de promotion du projet Lausanne Time Machine


21 June 2021, 14 videos

Canal destiné à héberger les vidéos explicatives fournies par le support de STI-IT.

International Symposium on Robotics and Research ISRR 2022

16 November 2022, 58 videos

This channel contains the talks recorded during the International Symposium on Robotics and Research 2022. For more information check the official website: https://h2t-projects.webarchiv.kit.edu/ISRR2022/

Physique Générale

23 August 2021, 64 videos, Open Channel

Physique Générale

CS-101 Advanced information, computation, communication I - Fall 2022

20 September 2022, 3 videos, Open Channel

Discrete mathematics is a discipline with applications to almost all areas of study. It provides a set of indispensable tools to computer science in particular. This course reviews (familiar) topics as diverse as mathematical reasoning, combinatorics, discrete structures & algorithmic thinking. 

SFDN Swiss Faculty Development Network

22 November 2022, 1 video, Open Channel

Founded in 2000, SFDN is a professional association of faculty developers interested in building up the teaching and learning capacity in higher education institutions in Switzerland. The network comprises the public and private institutions of higher education of Switzerland (universities,...

Digital Signal Processing

7 October 2022, 120 videos, Open Channel

MOOC: Digital Signal Processing

DECODE group channel

3 September 2020, 7 videos

The channel connecting all videos of the DECODE group

CS-550 Formal Verification

7 September 2020, 65 videos


Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies (LAST)

10 September 2021, 19 videos, Open Channel

Canal permettant de réunir et diffuser les vidéos de l'ensemble des projets de recherche et d'enseignement rattachés au LAST.

Langage inclusif

5 October 2021, 19 videos, Open Channel

Les capsules constituent un appui théorique et pratique vers un langage plus inclusif à l’EPFL. Les personnes qui souhaitent utiliser ces capsules en dehors de l’EPFL sont libres de le faire. Toutes les capsules peuvent être téléchargées. Vous pouvez visionner toutes les capsules en un fois en...

Echanges en 3e année Bachelor

11 November 2022, 2 videos, Open Channel

Support audiovisuel pour la promotion des échanges EPFL

Excellence in Africa EXAF - Communication

2 February 2022, 10 videos, Open Channel

Interviews, portraits, reportages sur la vie du centre

Center LEARN

13 June 2019, 28 videos, Open Channel

Center for Learning Sciences at EPFL

BioImaging & Optics Platform

6 December 2019, 6 videos, Open Channel

The Bioimaging and Optics platform (BIOP) is located in the faculty of Life Science (SV) at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and part of a network of core facilities at the faculty. The general idea of the platform is to provide instruments and even more important expertise to...

Institute of Physics - IPHYS

10 November 2022, 3 videos, Open Channel

The Institute of Physics is responsible for cutting-edge research over the whole spectrum of Physics as well as in related domains, in collaboration with other disciplines within EPFL and beyond. This research is supported by state-of-the-art facilities and services, some of which serving also...

LAPI videos

29 August 2022, 1 video, Open Channel

Videos related to research, events and news associated with the Laboratory of Atmospheric Processes and their Impacts

Excellence in Africa - Digital Education Masterclass

31 May 2021, 90 videos, Open Channel

The Digital Education programme aims to promote the sustainable integration of digital education in African universities. Selected institutions receive support in the form of expertise and funding. The creation of Competence Centres for Digital Education (C-CoDE) includes: training in the...

Simulating a hippocampus microcircuit

9 December 2020, 47 videos, Open Channel

Simulating a hippocampus microcircuit

Centre européen de calcul atomique et moléculaire CECAM - MOOC

11 October 2021, 16 videos, Open Channel

Biomedical Imaging Group

5 October 2020, 6 videos, Open Channel

Lectures and Tutorials

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