SWAT Lecture 04: Agile Approaches With Scrum, XP and LeSS

04, SWAT Spring 2021

  1. Role of the architect in an agile team and an agile organization
  2. Architect Hats: domain expert, technology expert, stakeholder facilitator, coach, teacher, mentor
  3. Simple design, emergent architecture, runaway architecture work, hexagon approach
    1. The quality of the architecture is proportional to the surface of the whiteboard
  4. Continuous integration, delivery and deployment pipelines → agile implies automation
  5. Git impact → Golden Trunk, distributed repository, GitOps
  6. Potentially shippable product – feature toggle as an approach -
  7. Clean Architecture → Clean Code and Clean Coder
  8. Domain-Driven Design and Architecture – Bounded Domains – Event Storming
  9. Sofware Craftsmanship, Clean Code, Clean Coder
  10. Technology stacks and architecture – the illusion architecture is technology-neutral
  11. Practical Part 
    1. Study the architecture text of the LeSS website 
    2. Study the technical excellence text of the LeSS website 
    3. Code examples of students